Reclaiming Self-awareness | #70

The term self-awareness has been co-opted by corporate speak as a means to increase productivity and profit. You are greater than your shortcomings and self-awareness is more expansive than knowing what you need to improve to…

Driving Clarity With Others | #68

Most of us intuitively know clarity is essential when working with others. However, many of us continue to find ourselves in misaligned situations. In this episode, we talk about one misconception, one block, and one shift…

Let’s Stop Hacking Productivity | #61

We're dedicating Season 7 of the podcast to exploring behaviors that allow us to do our best work. Kicking off with the topic of productivity - why hacking productivity is short-sighted and how conscious productivity is…

Burnout: When Things Are Unfair | #56 

Unfair situations create deep distress that can lead to burnout, be it at work, in relationships, or at home. How to recognize signs of unfairness and the first step to creating more balance.

Burnout’s Not for the Weak | #51

The real reason why you're burnt out (or on your way to burnout) is not what you think it is. We are dedicating Season 6 to exploring the root causes of burnout, including the 6 environmental…

The Magic of Journaling | #45

We're talking about why leaders, artists, and individuals seeking healing adopt the powerful practice of journaling.

This is Why You Procrastinate | #41

To kick off season 5, we're talking about the root cause of why we procrastinate (it has nothing to do with the task itself), and how to find our focus.

How to Be Happier at Work

It all starts with waking up... to what our bodies are expressing and our minds are suppressing.Dr. Gabor Maté You’re unhappy at work, but not ready to quit A recent study by Mckinsey & Company found…


Your Body Will Tell You the Truth | #33

We discuss the importance of being able to spot your truth, the different types of truths, why you neglect your truth, and how to know when something's true for you.

Recover From Any Setback | #21

What makes one person bounce back from setbacks and another spiral and lose focus? It's these 5 drivers that build resilience.