Clear the Noise

de-stress from the inside out.

As Featured In:

As Featured In:

Clear the Noise


from the inside out

Ruth Kao Barr - Stress Coach

You want to feel...

  • inspired & flowing
  • full-hearted & vibrant
  • authentic & connected

Instead you feel...

  • frustrated & overwhelmed
  • numb & bored
  • disconnected & unhappy

What's blocking you?


Noise is anything that...

Noise & Stress

Doesn't serve you.

It exists to serve other people's agendas and doesn't have your best interest at heart.

Drowns your truth.

It will talk you into something you don't want, need, or love and distract you from your truth.

Doesn't support your growth.

It doesn't light you up. It distracts, confuses, harms or weakens you.

Clear the Noise

Experience beauty, ease, and possibilities

How to start?


Step 2:

Hop on an intro call.

Step 3:

Select plan & begin journey.

Your heart brought you here

Give it clarity

Client Love Notes...

Ruth has provided tremendous help in developing multiple habits over a few months, including gratitude, self-care, relaxation, and she also helped me quit coffee and reduce smoking. An outstanding experience that significantly improved my well-being and decreased stress levels.
Maria - Paris, France
Data Scientist
Ruth held space for me to feel safe and open up. I especially loved how we began with grounding breathing exercises and our work on locating feelings and emotions in my body. Ruth has a very thorough coaching style which get results. She knows what she is doing! I am very grateful for her time and would absolutely recommend her to a friend!
Niomi - Kramfor, Sweden
Owner, Steller Wellness
After three sessions with Ruth, I felt unstuck and gained clarity on my direction to my goals. Additionally, she provided me with tools to help me get out of my head and strategies to do when I feel overwhelmed. I thought that I had a good understand of myself, but after a few sessions with Ruth, I've realized a lot more about myself that I didn't even know that I don't know!
Raoum - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Owner, Sukkari life / Yoga Instructor
I worked on improving time managemnt, handling workplace stress, and navigating tricky interpersonal conflicts. Ruth provided valuable guidance and steered me towards clarity to get to the root cause of my problems by listening with intent and questioning with purpose...Ruth helped uncover capabilities within myself that have made me a more resilient, thoughtful, and confident person.
Kameron - Seattle, USA
Tech Strategy Professional
Ruth is a wonderful coach. She is a great intuitive listener. She was able to drill down on my issues, so I could get clarity. She helped me set up realistic goals and held me accountable to them. She really helped me move closer to my truth.
Andrea - Virginia, USA
Certified Public Accountant
As my first time with a coach, I was unsure what to expect. Ruth graciously provided a platform to think through my own personal interest areas and provided thoughtful guidance that I appreciated. I would highly recommend Ruth as a coach for anyone looking for a soundboard or anyone curious on how coaching can improve their lifestyle.
Karla - Boston, USA
I felt comfortable almost instantly when we began our coaching relationship. Ruth made me think deeply about different aspects of my life...I would highly recommend Ruth as a coach to anyone who's looking to look at life a little differently and grow as an individual.
Danielle - New York, USA
Tech Advisor & travel Enthusiast
Ruth is a great coach who patiently listens to my rambling mind... and challenges me to think deeper... and guides me to find a solution...if you need help working things out in your personal life, Ruth is worth the investment!
Felicia - Chicago, USA
Management Consultant