Reclaiming Self-awareness | #70

The term self-awareness has been co-opted by corporate speak as a means to increase productivity and profit. You are greater than your shortcomings and self-awareness is more expansive than knowing what you need to improve to…

Connect With Your Inner Guidance | #30

When the noise around you is dialed up, you can feel confused and unsure about your next step. Ask yourself these 3 questions to help you connect with your inner guidance.

Ride the Waves of Productivity | #20

Healthy productivity helps us; toxic productivity breaks us down. If you're experiencing the opposite of thriving while being productive, you might not be aware of the natural cycles in nature that help with your productivity.

No-Guilt Shopping | #19

Heading into the gifting season armed with 2 questions to shop without guilt. Use your shopping power to amplify the good.

How To Self-care When You Don’t Want To | #14

We all know self-care is important. But what do we do when there seems to be a block between knowing something and doing something? We’re talking about how to self-care when we don’t know where to…

Creating an Intentional Life | #11

Kicking off Season 2 talking about intentional living - what it means, the benefits, and the first steps to creating an intentional life.