How’s Wellbeing & Mind Coaching Different From Life Coaching?

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The first blog entry of a wellbeing & mind coach.

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by this wellbeing and mind coaching blog. Since this is my first blog post ever, you’re probably one of the first to review this blog, and I appreciate that.

I bet if you’ve come this far, you have some questions. I plan to use this blog space to answer questions and provide nuggets of info about wellbeing, mental and emotional health.

First things first. Are you wondering…what’s coaching? What’s life coaching? What’s wellbeing coaching? What’s mind coaching? And why is it so confusing?

Coaching is a generic term and takes on so many shapes – so of course, you have questions. In our day-to-day culture, we typically understand coaching in the context of sports, fitness, career, acting, business, leadership, and the likes.

What is coaching?

An easy way to understand coaching is this:

Coaching is a style and technique.

A person can use this style and technique to help another person in an area that they’re interested in up-leveling, growing, or developing. (read more on coaching style and technique).

What’s a Life Coach?

The term “life coach” gained popularity in the past because it’s a convenient catch-all, but it doesn’t really communicate a whole lot since the definition is so broad and loosely defined.

A simple google search for a “life coach” will pull up results with a wide range of focus to include:

  • Spiritual coach
  • Productivity coach
  • Business / Entrepreneur coach
  • Happiness coach
  • Self-love coach
  • Gratitude coach
  • Clarity coach
  • Motivational coach
  • Success coach

This is why life coaching became so popular – because there’s something for everyone.

However, if you’re looking for a coach for the first time, or trying to find a coach that suits your specific needs, searching for the term “life coach” could be ridiculously confusing. If you need help finding a credible coach that fits your need: See here for the ultimate guide for everything you need to know before hiring a coach.

In the spirit of clarifying my service and focus: I’m a conscious leadership & wellbeing coach.

I help well-meaning and busy people experience life with less stress and reconnect with what matters most.

My coaching approach is grounded in psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience, and trauma-informed practices.

I’m a gal who likes bullets since I come from the world of management consulting. So, in 4 bullets, here are the foundational coaching tenents that I personally follow when working with my clients:

  • I view and work with you as a whole person: mind, body, and spirit
  • I work for YOUR agenda; We focusing on what is in your heart and mind (not mine, not your friends or family, not your neighbors or colleagues, not even the broader society)
  • I create and hold a safe space to allow you to tap into your deepest intuition and to explore your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and actions to connect with your truth
  • I keep you accountable to what you want in your life (there will be homework, or “experiments”)

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