Client Experiences

It is a privilege to bear witness to my clients' inspiring journeys.
Here are the generous offerings from a few of them.

Working with Ruth has been the most impactful investment in my personal growth. I gained greater self-awareness about causes behind situations that have been emotionally challenging. The discoveries have helped me develop strategies to address them effectively. I highly appreciate Ruth for honoring and trusting me on my journey - our collaboration has been a game changer in providing me greater clarity and peace. Thank you, Ruth!
Divya Annamraju - Pittsburgh, USA
Ruth was my executive coach for the last year, and it has been one of the best investments I have ever made in my personal and professional development. Ruth has guided me through many an activity to clarify my core principles and career goals, and she has helped me work through complex problems in project and personnel management, all while developing enhanced leadership skills. Ruth is incredibly insightful, and she creates spaces where I can be vulnerable and examine my mistakes and use them for learning and personal growth. She is kind, warm, and encouraging but also able to challenge my assumptions and inconsistencies when needed. I couldn't recommend her more!
Shannon Connolly - California, USA
Past President, California Academy of Family Physicians // Associate Medical Director, Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties
Ruth offered a new approach to better understanding myself and working toward my goals. I really needed practical exercises toward living a life that's closer to my values and vision, and our coaching allowed me to look at some major problems in new ways. I've also been able to work through a particularly tough life decision. I found myself looking forward to our sessions and thinking about what we'd discussed between sessions. That's a different experience than what I've had with other coaches and therapists.
Michael - San Francisco, USA​
The concept of "clear the noise, lead with clarity" is front and center in Ruth's coaching style. Ruth coached me to discover what was clouding my thoughts, and I learned tools and strategies to quiet down the noise that was getting in the way of becoming the leader I wanted to be. I loved Ruth's coaching style. She was caring, attentive, and attuned to my feelings and needs. When we explored many different topics in our sessions, I always felt supported and accepted to bring my whole self into the discussions. I am glad that my workplace supported me in getting a coach and happy to have met Ruth!
Maria Jaochico - California, USA

Director, Restorative Justice Practices at University of California San francisco

This was my first coaching experience and I didn't know what to expect. I now have a better understanding of my values - how they affect my mindset and can be a guide in future decision-making, at work, and in personal life. I have a more balanced perspective of challenges in the workplace. The work we did together helped me define my personal values, which are at the core of what motivates me and brings me joy.
Alan - Maine, USA​
My needs were met in every session. I appreciated hearing tips & strategies that other leaders use to remain successful and sane—at work and at home—but the best part was the confidence I started to gain in myself as a leader. Since starting my coaching sessions, I've gotten out of the habit of being reactive and putting out fires day after day. Instead, I learned to be protective of my time, not allowing myself to be pulled in multiple directions at once. I've noticed that I rarely feel overwhelmed at work anymore and I have greater respect for myself.
Lindsay - Virginia, USA
Ruth has provided tremendous help in developing multiple habits over a few months, including gratitude, self-care, relaxation, and she also helped me quit coffee and reduce smoking. An outstanding experience that significantly improved my well-being and decreased stress levels.
Maria - Paris, France
Data Scientist
After three sessions with Ruth, I felt unstuck and gained clarity on my direction to my goals. Additionally, she provided me with tools to help me get out of my head and strategies to do when I feel overwhelmed. I thought that I had a good understand of myself, but after a few sessions with Ruth, I've realized a lot more about myself that I didn't even know that I don't know!
Raoum - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia​
I worked on improving time management, handling workplace stress, and navigating tricky interpersonal conflicts. Ruth provided valuable guidance and steered me towards clarity to get to the root cause of my problems by listening with intent and questioning with purpose...Ruth helped uncover capabilities within myself that have made me a more resilient, thoughtful, and confident person.
Kameron - Seattle, USA​
Ruth held space for me to feel safe and open up. I especially loved how we began with grounding breathing exercises and our work on locating feelings and emotions in my body. Ruth has a very thorough coaching style which get results. She knows what she is doing! I am very grateful for her time and would absolutely recommend her to a friend!
Niomi - Kramfor, Sweden