(Pre-Register) Beauty & Ease Fundamentals


4 weeks of daily video lessons on mastering your self-care, feelings, thoughts, and intuition.





A month of personal growth to experience more beauty and ease.


Topics to include:


  • Why self-care comes before everything else
  • Top 5 ways you can care for your body
  • Top 5 ways you can care for your mind
  • Top 5 ways you can care for your soul



  • The power of emotions
  • What to do with all your feelings
  • Understanding messages your emotions are sending you
  • Honoring your feelings without “going off the rails”



  • The power of thoughts
  • Creating a kinder relationship with your thoughts
  • Handling stressful thoughts thoughts
  • Changing your life through your mind



  • The power of intuition
  • Intuition vs. subjective bias
  • Your true YES!
  • Using your whole body to sense your truth


Learning Series Kicks off September 2020!