The Power of Self-compassion | #8

What is it? Why we don’t practice it? How we conflate it with things like self-pity, self-indulgence, or being undisciplined. 5 simple ways to begin practicing self-compassion today to experience more peace. 

4 Reasons Why You Self-Sabotage & How To Stop | #5

If you’ve ever procrastinated, “cheated” on a diet, or “ruined” a good thing in a relationship, you know about self-sabotage. I talk about 4 reasons why you self-sabotage, and none of it makes you a bad…

Heal & Recover from Burnout | #4

I share my personal experience of burnout, what research says about the causes of burnout, and 5 ways to heal and recover from burnout.

5 Ways to Relax Your Mind | #2

5 reasons that people don’t usually talk about when it comes to why our mind stresses us out and the 5 ways to begin to ease our mind. 

Clear the Noise & Reconnect with Peace | #1

In our first ever episode, I’m talking about YOU - your most precious asset, and reconnecting with what matters most to YOU. Also what you can look forward to in future episodes.