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"How do I self-care without being selfish?

"How do I 'feel my feelings' as they say?"

"How do I stop stressful thoughts?"

"How do I develop and access intuition?"

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Beauty & Ease Fundamentals

Four Building Blocks.

28 Lessons.
28 Days.

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We can't always change the outer world,
but we can always change our inner world.

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Self-care: from exhausted & depleted to showing up stronger and inspired

You’re running fast and on the verge of physical, mental or emotional burnout. Everyone’s talking about how important self-care is, but you’re busy making things happen. You really don’t have time for self-care if you’re being honest- you have people depending on you! Plus what more could you do besides getting massages, eating well, working out, treating yourself once in a while and soaking in a bath on a rainy day? 

Feelings: from disconnected & triggered to feeling connected to self and others

Most people would say you’re poised, composed and rational.  What they don’t know is that you’ve got a few hot buttons when pushed, it can trigger you to completely lose your cool, drain your energy, or ruin your mood the rest of the day (or week). You suspect you’ve bottled up emotions, but you’re not sure where to even start even if you wanted to do something about it.

Thoughts: from stressed and stuck to experiencing ease and clarity

You’re always thinking. It’s nonstop. Frankly, it’s part of what makes you successful. But your secret is that you can’t turn it off – even if you wanted to. Thoughts just take control and spiral out – especially when you experience a negative interaction or think about the future. It keeps you up at night, it keeps you stuck and from doing what you want and love. Sometimes your thoughts are so filled with noise you’re distracted from your own truth. How do you clear the noise?

Intuition: from “something’s missing” to living life with beauty and wisdom

You believe in an inner guidance – sort of. You’ve had a few brushes with intuition – kind of. You sorta kinda think there’s something greater than yourself that can communicate with you. You vibe with intuition in the way that Oprah, Einstein, and Steve Jobs talk about it, not so much in the way the “law of attraction” crowd talks about it (at least not yet). You think there’s more to know about your intuition, but you’re not sure what’s a reliable source.

Experience a month of inner reflection, nourishment, and growth!

What people say?

Honestly, if you're on the fence - this is a no brainer - sign up! I was expecting value from the series because I know Ruth's work, but OMG! The amount of value I got in one month is unbelievable! I don't think I've personally grown this much in one month! I wish I'd learned this stuff earlier! It would have changed the trajectory of my life! Sign up - do it!

Mary S.
New York, US
Wow - I've learned so much about myself over the course of a month in the easiest, most entertaining way. Didn't think I'd be thrilled about another video format since I've been Zoom-fatigued during lockdown but these learning series are completely different. I look forward to Ruth's videos every day. I'm very happy that I signed up and are seeing daily changes based "playing" with the exercises already!

Nicole J.
Vancouver, Canada
As a logical and resourceful human, I thought this was going to be a "refresher" to my wellbeing... but this was shockingly informative...what blew me away was the self-care videos because it opened my eyes to the things that I hadn't considered - specifically how I really wasn't taking care of myself...What's huge is that now I can access peace even if there's chaos around me.

Rob M.
London, England
I loved the learning series and sad that it's over :(. I've been struggling with overthinking and just too much on my mind. The Beauty & Ease learning series helped me see things from a different perspective that has shifted my thinking. The other day, I was actually feeling 100% ok after a situation at work that in the past would have had me spinning for a few days. Thank you for creating these videos, Ruth!

Lola A.
California, US