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· feel your feelings
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Beauty & Ease Fundamentals

Self-care · Feelings · Thoughts · Intuition ·

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We can't always change our outer world,
but we can always change our inner world.

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What people say?

Honestly, if you're on the fence - this is a no brainer - sign up! I was expecting value from the series because I know Ruth's work, but OMG! The amount of value I got in one month is unbelievable! I don't think I've personally grown this much in one month! I wish I'd learned this stuff earlier! It would have changed the trajectory of my life! Sign up - do it!

Mary S.
New York, US
Wow - I've learned so much about myself over the course of a month in the easiest, most entertaining way. Didn't think I'd be thrilled about another video format since I've been Zoom-fatigued during lockdown but these learning series are completely different. I look forward to Ruth's videos every day. I'm very happy that I signed up and are seeing daily changes based "playing" with the exercises already!

Nicole J.
Vancouver, Canada
As a logical and resourceful human, I thought this was going to be a "refresher" to my wellbeing... but this was shockingly informative...what blew me away was the self-care videos because it opened my eyes to the things that I hadn't considered - specifically how I really wasn't taking care of myself...What's huge is that now I can access peace even if there's chaos around me.

Rob M.
London, England
I loved the learning series and sad that it's over :(. I've been struggling with overthinking and just too much on my mind. The Beauty & Ease learning series helped me see things from a different perspective that has shifted my thinking. The other day, I was actually feeling 100% ok after a situation at work that in the past would have had me spinning for a few days. Thank you for creating these videos, Ruth!

Lola A.
California, US