De-stress yourself in 28 days

From the inside out.

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As a logical and resourceful human, I thought this was going to be a "refresher" to my wellbeing... but this was shockingly informative...what blew me away was the self-care videos because it opened my eyes to the things that I hadn't considered - specifically how I really wasn't taking care of myself...What's huge is that now I can access peace even if there's chaos around me.

Rob M.
London, England

Life skills you didn't learn in school

Clear the Noise - Stress Coaching

Learning Series:

De-stress from the inside out

Daily videos on how to:

  • Self-care without being selfish
  • Process feelings & triggers
  • Manage stressful thoughts
  • Unblock & access intuition

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Why I created this learning series

I created this learning series during the 2020 pandemic to support people who have tried the conventional ways to de-stress but are looking for something deeper and more lasting. 

Years ago, I was working 80 hour weeks, flying on a weekly basis, and sleeping in hotels more than I did in my own bed. On top of the work demands, my lifestyle was straining my body and in my heart, I knew I wanted to experience more meaning and purpose in my work and life. Stress was an understatement for what I was experiencing. 

I tried all the things to help me “manage” my stress. 

I learned some things worked but most things didn’t. And what relaxed me momentarily didn’t last. 

After reading books, seeking experts, sitting in courses, listening to podcasts and trying all the meditation apps and massages  – I was still left feeling stressed out, burned out, and numbed out. 

In retrospect, what was missing in my pursuit of more ease and less “fight or flight” was addressing the root cause of my tension. 

Today, in my 40’s, I own my own time and I do what I love everyday. I’m more proud than ever of the work I create, serve and connect on a deeper more meaningful way, make my own rules, and surround myself with people and things that light me up. I’m also able to create peace within myself even if the world around me is chaotic. 

Your story and the life you want to create likely is different than mine. But if you’re feeling stressed or stuck, the similarity we share lies in the root cause of the tension – and that is something you can change.

What you'll experience

In this learning series, we will address 4 root causes of tension and I’ll share storiesresearch, and exercises for you to explore your root cause. You will play with concepts, experiment, and take small steps to address your stress from the inside out. 

The videos will guide you to focus on 1 root cause per week to begin experiencing a shift. You’ll also understand how each of the root causes are linked to the others – because our system is a whole unit – it’s all connected. 

If my story resonates with you, this learning series was created for you. 

I invite you to begin your journey to de-stress from the inside out today. 

Master your inner life
to master your external life.

What else do people say?

Honestly, if you're on the fence - this is a no brainer - sign up! I was expecting value from the series because I know Ruth's work, but OMG! The amount of value I got in one month is unbelievable! I don't think I've personally grown this much in one month! I wish I'd learned this stuff earlier! It would have changed the trajectory of my life! Sign up - do it!

Mary S.
New York, US
Wow - I've learned so much about myself over the course of a month in the easiest, most entertaining way. Didn't think I'd be thrilled about another video format since I've been Zoom-fatigued during lockdown but these learning series are completely different. I look forward to Ruth's videos every day. I'm very happy that I signed up and are seeing daily changes based "playing" with the exercises already!

Nicole J.
Vancouver, Canada
I loved the learning series and sad that it's over :(. I've been struggling with overthinking and just too much on my mind. The Beauty & Ease learning series helped me see things from a different perspective that has shifted my thinking. The other day, I was actually feeling 100% ok after a situation at work that in the past would have had me spinning for a few days. Thank you for creating these videos, Ruth!

Lola A.
California, US