Do You Know What Makes You Happy?

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Why is knowing what makes you truly happy such an important question?

Well, let me ask you in another way…Are you holding on to a deep secret right now, one that you haven’t told anyone, not even yourself on most days, and one that you’ll probably deny if ever asked?

You know that feeling you push back down in your gut in order to move forward in your day; the thought you bury in the back of your head. It’s that crazy notion that even though you have what you’re “supposed” to have – be it opportunity, health, a job, a family, relationships, the right wardrobe, a beautiful home, a comfortable bank account – there’s still something missing? And if you were honest with yourself, you would define that as being “unfulfilled” on some days.

Why do we feel unfulfilled?

There are various factors at play in the modern world that shape and influence our perception – marketing and advertising, technology, media, social and family expectations and even arguably the education system. What happens is that we are directed and convinced in wanting certain things in life starting as a small child – and the promise has been, once you get it, your life will be awesome.

At the surface, our environments shape us, but deep down at the core, only we know our truth and what will fully satisfy us- and that part of us is always there and always will be. We won’t be happy, fulfilled and satisfied until we experience what resonates with our core.

Most of us don’t spend enough time with ourselves. The self at the core. The reason for our being. This includes who we are, what we desire, our definition of success and what will ultimately make us feel like we’re on top of the world. When we know this, it’s easy to feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment immediately (read this for more on getting to know the real you).

What can you do if you’re feeling unfulfilled?

You can ignore your feelings another day – you’re good at it. You can work harder, push through and hope something will change. But know that you can never get enough of what you never truly wanted. 

So, I’ll ask you the question again, do you know what will truly make you happy? If not, you can find out.

You have one life experience – and this is it! What’s the cost of not knowing?

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