About Me & Working Together

I help driven and busy people clear the noise and reconnect with what matters most. 

What matters to us is directly tied to our wellbeing. 

My coaching approach is anchored in mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience and trauma-informed practices. 

Ruth Kao Barr, Certified Wellbeing Coach
Ruth Kao Barr, Wellbeing Coach

My Craft Is Seeing and Hearing the Truth of People, Beneath What’s Presented to the World.

Note: Coaching is not a regulated industry in many countries, so you will find coaches of various flavors with varying qualifications. You can read about my training in psychology, therapy and coaching in the FAQ.

I was born an intuitive and artistic child. At the age of 3, I viewed the world as my stage. I danced everywhere – on the streets, in the library, an impromptu stage performance in front of a packed movie theatre. 

At 5, I begged my mom for piano lessons. At 8, I took up painting. At 10, I declared my major in psychology to the world (or anyone who asked).

I went on gaining entrance into an exclusive performing arts high school in New York City and studied psychology in college and graduate school.

I’ve always viewed the arts as my pleasure and psychology my craft. 

So how did I end up living a life that damaged my health, integrity, relationships, and happiness?

The short answer: I dismissed and de-prioritized my own wellbeing, particularly my inner wellbeing.

The Noise Around Us Can Seduce Us From Our Own Truth.

Because of my journey, I understand the pull of the noise. 

​But even more, I believe in the power of clarity, and how it can transform anyone’s life. 

​Around us, there will always be noise pulling us away from ourselves.

But within us, there is deep-seated clarity.

I'll Facilitate a Process That Allows You to Clear the Noise and Tap into Clarity.

Everyone experiences noise in our modern world.

Noise is anything that doesn’t serve you, support your growth, and light you up.

Noise weighs you down and makes you feel heavy (literally and metaphorically). 

Over time, noisy thoughts, beliefs and emotions slow down (at best) or shut down (at worst) your ability to flourish.

By clearing the noise and reconnecting with what matters most, you will:

  • Feel less “triggered” by day-to-day events
  • Experience life with more clarity and purpose
  • Gain access to intuitive wisdom, and creativity
  • Feel moved, inspired and motivated into action
  • Develop deeper more meaningful relationships
  • Gain access to inner peace and calm
  • Experience more fulfillment and joy 

The Journey of Stress and Trauma Recovery is Beautiful.

The wellbeing journey involves radical healing, self-care, and self-love – of the mind, body, and spirit.  

My role as a coach is to facilitate the process for you to experience your own unique journey. 

It’s a privilege and joy to partner with my clients on their personal journey of stress and trauma recovery. 

Often, it results in a beautiful journey inward. 

What Can You Expect While Working Together?

Our time together is a safe space that welcomes your whole self to reveal and blossom.

What you will experience:

  • Deep exploration of your needs and desires
  • Powerful insights through the coaching process
  • Integration of learnings into everyday life 
  • Shifting of mindsets to support your wellbeing
  • Creation of new habits that serve you


Unlike conventional therapy:

  • My goal isn’t to work with you indefinitely
  • I believe you don’t need “fixing”
  • I don’t need to diagnose you with a disorder in order to get paid by your insurance company
  • I believe the most powerful creator, genius and healer is within you

Similar to how you’d work with a trainer or nutritionist, my goal is for you to thrive on your own. Typically clients achieve this within 3-6 months of working with me. It’s common for clients to return periodically for “tune-ups.”

What Else Do I Believe?

  • Our mind is brilliant when our heart takes the lead
  • Chronic stress is not just an inconvenience – it’s lethal
  • Uncomfortable emotions carry important messages 
  • Unresolved trauma follows us into every present moment
  • The behavior isn’t the problem, it’s the reason driving the behavior that we’re after
  • Everything is connected – our heart, brain & gut breaks together and will heal together 
  • Food is medicine
  • The world benefits from us being our authentic selves
Let's make living more intentional, work more meaningful, and relationships more connected.
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