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Ruth Kao Barr - Stress Coach
Ruth Kao Barr, Founder & Coach

You're here because you're stressed.

You might call it “stuck,” “confused,” “frustrated,” “exhausted,” or “burnout”- but at the root of it it’s creating stress. 

Stress holds you back and limits you.

You’re here because deep down you know your potential is being blocked. You’re tired of the daily grind from a place of  “stuckness” or stress that’s just not working for you anymore. 

At your core, you believe you're meant to experience more ease.

You want to express your true self – do the thing you love, be the vibrant soul that you are, and create and lead a purpose-driven life full of meaning and impact.

And I couldn't agree with you more.

You’re born with an inner wisdom and drive to flow with life and feeling chronically stuck and stressed blocks your ability to flourish, thrive and do your best work. 

I also believe that at the root of prolonged stress is unprocessed trauma, which can be released through the work we do together. 

About me

I'm a trained coach, but I also have lived experience.

I’ve been there – woke up one day in my 30’s and barely recognized myself. “Successful” and put-together on the outside and completely burned out, bored out, and numbed out on the inside. And feeling like there’s no way out. 

When we're stuck and stressed - it can feel like we have limited options.

But when we clear the noise – we can’t help but see our truth with clarity and the many possibilities that await.

Magic happens when we connect with our truth.

Today, in my 40’s, I allow myself to be who I am, do what I love every day, serve and connect deeply and with meaning, make my own rules, and surround myself with people and things that light me up. 

I’m grateful that I didn’t ignore the signs years ago protesting “something’s wrong.”

You might be sensing a similar "protest" in you right now.

If so, clear the noise and tap into your truth. 


The space where science, mindfulness, and spirituality meets.

My holistic coaching approach is anchored in mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, and trauma-informed practices. 

Coaching is not a regulated industry in many countries, so you’ll find coaches of various flavors with varying qualification. 

While anyone can call themselves a coach, coaching is a specialized skill. A certified coach is required to have hundreds of hours in training even before getting certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). 

Since I bring a blended approach, you can read about my training in psychology, therapy, and coaching in the FAQs.

Strip away the noise

See your truth with clarity


Tapping into your clarity

Your Truth & Purpose

What's important to you, lights you up and gives meaning to life.

Your Emotion & Compassion

How you're really feeling beneath it all. How you've been protecting yourself.

Your Intuition & Wisdom

The whispers and inner knowing that you've been ignoring or rationalizing away.

Your Inspiration & Creativity

What makes you feel moved, connected and alive!

Clarity opens the door to


What to Expect

Bring your whole self 

You're the expert of your life

The most powerful wisdom and creator is within you. I'm here as a guide - the final call is always yours.

You're not broken

I believe you don't need "fixing" or a "diagnosis." What's helpful is self-awareness and a different perspective.

You're independent

My goal isn't to work with you indefinitely- but rather set you up so you thrive on your own.

Ruth Kao Barr - Stress Coach
Ruth Kao Barr, Founder & Coach

What else do I believe?